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Aimee Hall Bio, Wiki, Net Worth


The ‘Floribama Shore’ almost came to an end, with a season finale scheduled on 8th January 2018. But the cast members are on ‘google quick search box’ till date. Aimee Hall, the Alabama native is one of the cast members, who recently felt like princess goddess mermaid. Let’s know more about her through this wiki!

Born on 1st October 1992, Aimee Hall’s real name is Aimee Elizabeth Hall. Her hometown is Perdido, Alabama and she is now 25 years old. In this 1st October 2018, she will be turning 26 years. Before coming to MTV Floribama Shore show, she used to make up her living as ‘The Scrap Yard’ bartender. She describes herself as super-goofy with a super personality.

Aimee Hall Birthday
Aimee Hall’s Birthday

Quick Wikis

Name Aimee Elizabeth Hall
Birthday 1st October 1992
Birthplace Perdido, Alabama
Zodiac Sign N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Alabama Native, White
Profession TV Star, Bartender
Dating/Boyfriend No
Marital Status Single
Net Worth est. $50 thousand

Net Worth

Aimee’s per episode pay is not disclosed, so we are not able to estimate her annual income. Some wiki sites claimed her estimated annual income to be near to $25 thousand annually.

Aimee Hall loves wearing extraordinary makups
Aimee Hall loves wearing extraordinary makeups

As a bartender, she earns good amount of money. Although not disclosed, we estimated her net worth to be $50 thousand as of 2017-2018.

Dating Life: Boyfriend, Relationship

It’s clear about her dating life, she is single and is searching for the best partner who can keep her happy. On the very first episode, during an introduction, she said:

‘I just wanna have one night stands!’

But now, things have changed, and with the support of whole Floribama Shore family, she is finally trying to escape from her past relationship experience.

So, what was all about her ex-dating life? Who was her cheating boyfriend?

Aimee explained her relationship crisis in the show. She broke up with her boyfriend as he cheated her. She didn’t have a clue until she found the person who made her cousin pregnant was her boyfriend.  She ended 10 years long relationship within 10 minutes.

Aimee Hall loves to smile, and share happiness
Aimee Hall loves to smile, and share happiness

Talking with AL Entertainment, she said:

‘I just got out of a really bad relationship, for 10 years and to be honest, I just needed a break from home. I had applied for ‘Party Down South’ a year ago, and I didn’t get that. But I had just prayed, ‘God, send me on the road. I’m ready!!!’

Aimee was finally getting out of the severe trauma when something happened, again! Codi Butts said something to her that broke her again. I wouldn’t have f****d you even if you were last on earth! is what he said, and her BFF Nilsa became her shoulder.

Marriage Thoughts

Aimee is not a married person. And she has straight thoughts for marriage. As she recently came out of such incident, she might hardly get into marriage relationship soon.

Aimee Hall selfie pose
Aimee Hall’s selfie pose

And also it is too soon for her to be involved in her wedding,  having a husband and bearing a child. She still wants to enjoy her single life to the fullest.

Life on Floribama Shore

Aimee originally applied for Party Down South, but when the show was discontinued, she was offered for the new show, Floribama Shore. The TV show started on 27th November 2017, which gave her little satisfaction in enjoying her summer.

Aimee Hall on Floribama Shore, featuring Codi Butts and Kortni Gilson
Aimee Hall on Floribama Shore, featuring Codi Butts and Kortni Gilson

Aimee was very happy entering the Panama City shoreline beach house. She came in with a fishing rod and a packet of ramen; Jeremiah and Gus were shocked because of that. This proved her love for fishing and eating ramen. Another cast, Candace Rice thinks her to be cute. Another thing that came out through the show was her smoking habit. Aimee along with Kortni prefers smoking Newport and Marlboro brands.

The season finale is coming near, and we got to see her fierce looks as well. If you haven’t seen, we strongly suggest you o watch episode 7 and upcoming episode 8.

Parents and Family

Aimee hasn’t mentioned about her family to anyone. There’s a picture of Hall with her mother though. She uploaded this picture on 11th July 2014, where we can see herself with her mom.

She also frequently posts her cousin’s pictures on her Instagram. Apart from those photos, we couldn’t find any other pictures.

Body Statistics

Aimee’s body measurements and statistics are unavailable at the moment. We guess her height to be 5 ft 8 inches, and weight of 62-65 kilos. Aimee loves to keep her body fit and fine and is regular for fitness exercise. Her hair color is blonde, and she has brown eyes.

Social Media Profiles

Snapchat aimeehofficial

Aimee is active on social media. She has 43.5 thousand followers on Instagram. The second one with the good amount of followers is Twitter with 11.4 thousand. She doesn’t have an official Facebook page but has a profile with more than 4 thousand followers.

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