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Dillon The Hacker Bio, Wiki, Net Worth


Dillon The Hacker is a famous Youtuber from the U.S. An anonymous person who claimed himself as the leader of 4Chan and founder of T-Series. He is the one who also threatened to hack Reddit and FunnyJunk. 

Dillion Prescott Henderson was born on 5 November 1988 in the city of Mesa, Arizona. The Youtuber who had approximately around 137,000 subscribers on his youtube channel. He opened his youtube channel on the 6th May 2015. From this time, he has been successful in entertaining the world with his content. He kept himself anonymous from the world and kept coming up with new ideas.  

Quick Wikis

Real Name Dillon Prescott Henderson 
Birthday 5 November 1988
Birthplace Mesa, Arizona
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Youtuber
Parents N/A
Dating/Girlfriend Not Disclosed
Married/Wife N/A
Sibling N/A
Salary $687 per month
Net Worth $43,000

Death Cause and Funeral

Dillon the Hacker died at the age of 20. His cause of death has not been out as his family/representatives have not announced anything about it. However, his death was confirmed by his best friend BG Kumpi and PewDiePie when they tweeted about it. They tweeted condolences about the loss of their friend. However, the exact date of his death is not out, but it is after the 28th of July. It’s after the 28th of July because it was the last time he commented from his Twitter account.

However, his funeral details are not out yet. His family has not disclosed anything about his funeral. They have high time due to their loss; therefore, they have not announced anything. People are expecting that his family will let everyone know about his death and funeral.

Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Dillon, the hacker, had earnings from Youtube. Being a Youtuber, he was paid quite the right amount of money for his content. He had approximately 137,000 subscribers on his channel. He used to make good content on youtube. His youtube journey was started back on the 6th May of 2015. From this day he has been adding materials to his youtube always.

Dillon The Hacker Net Worth, Salary, Income

However, his earnings varied according to the views of his content on youtube. The profits were never the same as the views changed from time to time. However, at an average, he used to make around $687 per month — this way, his earnings used to increase if there were more views and decrease if there were less.

As per now, it is expected that he had a net worth of around $43,000. This was all based on his youtube channel. However, it might be more as he never disclosed about his other sources of money before

Dating with Girlfriend or Single?

Dillon the hacker’s relationship status is a mystery. He introduced himself to the world, being anonymous. He did not reveal much about him; it is a farthing that he would announce his relationship.

Dillon the Hacker was famous on youtube of making various content keeping himself anonymous. So, he would have never revealed anything his relationship status on youtube. He lived a low key life, but he was a mastermind.

After his death in July, nobody has come up as his girlfriend till now. This shows that he was single and enjoying his career in youtube. He wanted to live a low key life which he did and was in no relationship at the moment.

Family, Siblings, and Parents

Dillon, the hacker, never revealed anything about his family and parents to the world. As many celebrities like to hide their personal life from the world, Dillion was also successful in this. He never announced anything about his parents through any medium. Therefore, there is no information regarding his parents.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Dillon The Hacker Body Measurement, Height, Weight

Dillon, the hacker, was a healthy guy. He had an average height and weight like a normal person. He was more into keeping his personal information a secret; therefore, his exact size is unknown. Even though he kept it a secret, his heights and weights were of average people’s height and weight.

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