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How far can one go to look like his/her influential person? Sahar Tabar from Iran went through 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. But she faced the total loss. Let’s now know all-to-know wiki of Sahar!

Born in 1998 (date unknown), Sahar Tabar, 19 (although mentioned 22 years in Instagram) is the hardcore fan of Angelina Jolie. Her hometown is Tehran, Iran and she loves being a look-alike. We cannot rank her as a real fan, as she tried copying her ideal person. In the process of looking similar to Jolie, she went through 50 plastic surgeries which not only took her beauty away but also her identity. Angie in one hand is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful actresses, while Sahar turned herself to ‘zombie’ from her cute face.

Quick Wikis

Name Sahar Tabar
Birthdate February 1998
Birthplace Tehran, Iran
Age 19 years old (mentioned 22)
Marital Status Unknown
Dating/Boyfriend Unknown
Net Worth $100 thousand (est. from costs)

Net Worth

Sahar’s fame is just increasing, as her news and information just flew around the world. Looking at her Instagram, we do not think she did all these for earning money. Estimating her real net worth would be hard, as she is just on the first step of celebrity ladder, and we still lack information about her.

As it is widely known that she went through 50 surgeries, we can say that she has used up a right amount of properties.

Let’s have a closer look at her spending. The nose job costs as low as $2000 ranging to $6900 in the US. But the average cost would be $2000 in other countries. As she went through 50 surgeries, her total price ranges up to $100 thousand. The total cost might not be that high, but she admittedly spent more than expected.

Judging from her spendings, we can estimate her net worth to be near to $100 thousand. Although not revealed (not expected to be announced,) we bet her income in coming days is high.

Plastic Surgery

It’s not a simple and easy thing for a 19 years old girl to go through such a pain. She went through severely restricted diet plan and lost 40 kgs of weight, to maintain her body. She also went through the pain of using tools of surgery. She did almost everything to change her beautiful face to hoped Jolie’s face.

Sahar Tabar Before Plastic Surgery

Source: India Times

But even after following a strict plan, she couldn’t attend her high hope face. Instead, her face and body turned like ‘corpse’ and ‘zombie’ (as mentioned in her Instagram account) which made her look awful. Because of her notorious work (as indicated by fans), people started debating her senses over social media.

Sahar Taber Instagram Fans Debate

Most of her so-called fans call her ‘corpse’ and a creepy one. And some also call her witch. But we say it’s her love turned passion towards Angelina.

Social Profiles

Facebook (suspected fake)
Wikipedia Not Available

Sahar is pretty active on Instagram but not on other social sites. We found a Facebook page in her name, but we suspect its to be fake. As the Facebook page was created just a day ago, we suspect one of the wiki sources just made one.

Her Instagram followers count 362 thousand, and she has made 34 posts till date. We hope she starts her Twitter and other social accounts soon.

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