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We have seen emerging number of stars, and models, but none were open about their life. However, a glamorous Californian model Graciela Montes is not the same. She is one talented girl, whose fame grew because of her honesty at work and everything. Believe it or not, she is super cute and has a good number of positive followers. Moreover, she is an entrepreneur who has her own makeup business. Now let’s know more about her exclusively on this wiki!

Graciela’s hometown is in Los Angeles. Her date of birth is 16th April. She is best known as Fashion and makeup guru, and an ideal business woman. Montes’ belongs to Mexican ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Her nationality is American. The most fitting word to explain her is ‘Traveler.’

Quick Wikis

Name Graciela Montes
Birthday 16th April
Birthplace Not Disclosed
Zodiac Sign Aries
Ethnicity Mexican
Profession Business Woman, Web Star
Dating/Boyfriend Mally Mall
Past Affairs 2 (fiancé)
Net Worth estimated over $1 million

Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Graciela is in the field of entertainment for quite a long time now. So, her income per year is estimated to be high. As we see her pictures and videos going to bars, traveling to new places, her salary should be high.

Graciela Montes owns a Mercedes car
Graciela Montes owns a Mercedes car

On her Instagram account, she has uploaded some pictures featuring ‘Mercedes’ car by her side. So, that car might be her ride. Montes has decided not to disclose her income sources as it is a personal matter. We estimated her net worth to be over a million dollar as of 2018.

Dating or Boyfriend?

Graciela is open about her dating life. She once revealed about her boyfriend, but not his name. She said:

‘Yes, I have a boyfriend and I love him to death!’

Moreover, she also mentioned how her boyfriend helped her to learn the Armenian language. This might be hinting us about her boyfriend being an Armenian guy.

Graciela Montes posted on Valentine day 2018 with single life hashtag
Graciela Montes posted this picture on Valentine day 2018 with single life hashtag

However, wait, on Valentine’s Day of 2018, she uploaded a photo on her Instagram with a caption ‘Be my Valentine #singlelife.’ So, the questions are rising if she is single or still dating her boyfriend.

Update on Relationship Status

Graciela finally disclosed her relationship status. As of now, she is dating Californian producer and rapper Mally Mall.

Graciela Montes with her boyfriend Mally Mall
Graciela Montes with her boyfriend, Mally Mall

Here’s another picture in which we can see the duo sharing kisses:

Graciela Montes kissing her boyfriend Mally Mall
Graciela Montes kissing her boyfriend, Mally Mall

What a lovely duo!

Relationship with Ex-Fiance

Graciela opened up about her past relationship as well. She had engaged twice before, but information of only one is known. She mentioned that she was engaged, and about ex-fiance. Answering the question about who deleted her vlog videos, she said that guy to be the one.

She also mentioned that after calling off the engagement, she entered in the field of glamour. She said:

‘All started after I left my ex-fiance. I started becoming more confident, taking more body pictures, something that he never allowed. When my pictures became popular, I started sharing my stories with other girls.’

Parents, Sibling, and Family

Graciela loves her parents. Her mother is a truck driver by profession, and she is proud of her mother. Her mother is from Nayarit, while her father was from Sinaloa, Mexico.

Graciela Montes with her mom Mina Montes on Christmas 2017
Graciela Montes with her mom Mina Montes on Christmas 2017

Her mom is the one from whom she got inspired. On the Christmas 2017, she shared a picture of her mom.

Graciela Montes wished Fathers day to her dad
Graciela Montes wished Fathers day to her dad

She also shared a picture of her father, who passed away long ago, wishing father’s day. Talking about her siblings, she has a cousin. She also had three sisters who passed away. During her Columbia vacation, she was with her cousin and aunt.

Business and Idea

Graciela mentioned about how she entered into her ideal business world and fame. When she was sitting, she began to wonder how things should be. Then she made up her mind to do something extra for people’s wear.

The first idea was to make a custom phone cases, but she dropped the idea. Then she started researching on makeovers, and now she has her own ‘eyelashes’ product, shirts, caps, and more to come shortly.

Graciela Montes eye lashes

Montes has an aim, a milestone for 2018. She wants to grow her company big, and big enough to feature her custom products at makeup stores. You can buy those products exclusively on her website:

Weight Loss and Cosmetic Surgery

Graciela was almost 300 pounds before, but now she is slim and has a banging body. She lost her weight when she was 18 years old. Till date, she has gone through three cosmetic surgery. She had to do gastric bypass, which happens to be the first surgery in her life.

The second one was cosmetic surgery when she was 19 years old. She went to Beverly Hills doctor, who botched her. After going through surgery, she does multi-cardio and elliptical to stay fit.

Message for Lovers and Haters

For the lovers/devoted fans, she always welcomes their heart. She loves her fans taking pictures with her. She is not doing so for some publicity stunts, but for keeping her hearts. She even said not to get scared to ask her for a picture.

Graciela Montes with Miss San Juan USA 2017 ribbon
Graciela Montes with Miss San Juan USA 2017 ribbon

And for the haters, Montes merely ignore them. At first, she used to get made over those stupid silly comments, but there’s no end benefit in proving each and everyone.

Lifestyle and Body Measurements

Graciela’s life is pretty amazing. She loves to travel and wants to visit even more. The only accomplishment she mentioned was traveling.

Graciela Montes lifestyle

Talking about her favorite food, she eats sushi every day. Talking about her dress up, she often buys shoes from Lola Shoetique.

Graciela is pretty tall with the height of 5 ft 11 inches. The information regarding her weight, body measurements and more are still to be revealed.

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