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BGT is the show that hones exceptional talents, and in the 2018 BGT show, we got to see an outstanding magician Marc Spelmann. He was the one to get the first 2018 golden buzzer straight from Ant and Dec. The man wows everyone with his talent but has an emotional story. Let’s know more about him, his career, and his family details through this wiki!

Born on September 19, 1972, Marc Spelmann is best known as a BGT contestant, a magician, an author, a creator, and a mentalist. His hometown is London, England. He was born in the house of his parents, Valerie and Stanislaw. The 50 years old English magician is known for mental acts and paranormal performances. He holds British citizenship and is of white English-British ethnicity. He attended Barnet College and Southgate College for studying illustration, art, and design.

Quick Wikis

Name Marc Spelmann
Birthday September 19, 1972
Age 50 years old
Birthplace London, England
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality British
Ethnicity English, White British
Profession Magician, Performer
Dating/Girlfriend No
Married/Wife Tessa Stevens
Daughter Isabella Spelmann
Net Worth $3 million

Marc Spelmann Net Worth and Salary

Marc started his career as an apprentice in 1990. After self-studying magic tricks, he began performing his ideas and skills in 1994. To date, he has performed in different events and programs. He performed for state heads and celebrities including HRH Prince Charles, Bob Geldof, Eric Clapton, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Grant, and Richard Branson.

Marc performing for Richard Branson in 90s
Marc performing for Richard Branson in the 90s

Spelmann has specialized in illusion and paranormal demonstration, which helped him get featured in top-rated magazines including The Express Newspaper, GQ Magazine, and The Mirror. As he started working in illusion and magic shows more than two decades ago, we assume his income is around $500 thousand. As of 2023, Marc Spelmann holds an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Marc Spelmann Net Worth, Career, Salary

Performance at Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Marc performed in the BGT show on 14th April 2018, Saturday; which made most of the judges and audience cry. He went to the audition along with his daughter and wife Tessa. He started by approaching all judges with different props.

Marc got fancy gift by Penguin Magic
Marc got a fancy gift by Penguin Magic

Spelmann asked David to select a random crayon from the box, Amanda to create a unique Rubik’s cube pattern, Alesha to choose one card from a pack of baby cards, and Simon to circle in the Harry Potter book’s page without looking at it. He then gave an insight into what real magic is.

On the big screen, he revealed his heart-touching story at first; and what came after made him the greatest magician of all time. His performance was complete when he showed his daughter drawing lines with red crayons, sleeping with a puppet penguin, Rubik’s cube with the same pattern, and saying ‘hat’ word.

First Golden Buzzer in 2018 BGT

Right after the performance, all judges stood up, along with every audience in Radio City a standing ovation.

Simon made a first comment saying:

I have a feeling this act is going to change your life. It was unbelievable.

Marc loves going on a vacation with his family
Marc loves going on a vacation with his family

Alesha said his act to be magnificent:

I’ve been doing this show for 7 years and I never ever thought a magic act will move me like that. It was magnificent.

After remarks, when the judges were going for a vote, Ant and Dec stopped them and hit the very first golden buzzer of 2018.

Married to Wife, Tessa Stevens

Marc is married to his beautiful and supportive wife, Tessa Steven. According to his Instagram account, the duo married on August 23, 2013.

Marc Spelmann with his wife Tessa Steven
Marc Spelmann with his wife, Tessa Steven

He posted a picture with the caption:

27th August 2013 back to reality before the honeymoon. My wife Tessa xx @tessastevensbeauty #wife #justmarried #bride #wedding #weddingdress #bouquet #orchids

Marc wife Tessa Steven on a wedding day
Marc’s wife Tessa Steven on a wedding day

His wife is a professional beautician, who is also an owner of two beauty clinics. She won the 2007-2017 IIAA award and was a finalist in the 2017 Professional Beauty U.K.

Daughter Isabella

Marc is a proud father of his daughter Isabella, who was born on December 23, 2015, and is just seven years old. In his most recent performance, she played a key role. She is a healthy child, with whom he loves to share most of his time.

Marc Spelmann daughter Isabella
Marc Spelmann’s daughter Isabella

In an interview with the Mirror, Marc explained how he thought – will Tessa make it, is the baby going to make it? Tessa went through a reduced form of chemotherapy and gave birth to her little daughter. However, she was born two months premature via C-section.

Marc daughter when born
Marc’s daughter when born

As of now, Marc is living happily with his wife and daughter. For more updates regarding his height and size, stay tuned to


Marc Spelmann FAQs

How old is Marc Spelmann?

Marc Spelmann is 50 years old, born September 19, 1972.

Where is Marc Spelmann from?

Marc Spelmann hails from London, England.

What ethnicity is Marc Spelmann?

Marc Spelmann belongs to the white ethnicity.

What is Marc Spelmann job?

Marc Spelmann works as a magician and a performer.

What is Marc Spelmann net worth?

Marc Spelmann net worth is $3 million as of 2023.

Who is Marc Spelmann wife?

Marc Spelmann is married to his wife, Tessa Stevens.

Who is Marc Spelmann daughter?

Marc Spelmann daughter is Isabella Spelmann.

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